Wise Practices

The hierarchical and institutional nature of arts organizations can impede our ability to see one another. Wise Practices help us recognize that artists and arts workers are not products or tools, and are therefore deeply impacted by institutional harm. Every person within an organization holds a spectrum of emotions and lived experiences that deserve recognition. Wise Practices create stronger relations among those working in arts organizations. They guide us to deepen our humanity and compassion and encourage us to repair strained relationships.

Why are we interested in trying to make other institutions wiser?

Vines has a responsibility to do this kind of work. We have a call to intervene and to recognize how individual and collective trauma impacts how we move through our lives.

  • We have experienced institutions and have lived experiences of being marginalized artists or workers who they have harmed
  • We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can share
  • We want artists to have safe and secure jobs
  • We want to nurture communication-based relationships between employers and community

Intake Form

Our Service Includes:

Organizational Audits and Consultation



Project Consultation

Art and Curation Consultation

Accessibility Audits

We specialize in:

Disability Justice

Transformative Leadership

Harm Reduction


Natural Law

Guiding Principles
  • It’s okay and courageous to not know. Admitting that you don’t know is a neutral state and something you can move through.
  • Our actions and choices are seeds for the future.
  • Trust is a critical part of intimacy and growth. Vulnerability is a crucial part of building trust.
  • We are mindful that white supremacy culture and all forms of structural oppression can and do operate interpersonally, whether intentionally or unintentionally, even within radical spaces. We will work together to interrupt
Artwork by Jaime Blankinship