What is ecosystems?

ecosystems is a multi-pronged approach to strengthening artist relations. We offer advocacy, community care and consultation.

In order to return to a symbiotic balance we must focus on the ways in which we enrich ourselves through being in relation to each other. What weeds need to be removed and how can we nurture our conditions?

Why ecosystems?

Art goes beyond the creative expression of individuals; art is community care and healing. Art is collective resistance from disconnection, displacement and colonization.


Artist Care

The ways in which we communicate needs is very similar to the ways in which the trees and plants around us communicate via mycelium, a network of exterior synapses firing off chemical messages, moving nutrients and immune protecting protocols. Mycelium builds communities that create healthy relationships. The Artist Survival and Healing Fund and Artist Care Program gives artists holistic support without the bureaucratic processes that hinder the relationship with not only the artist but the community as a whole.

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Advocacy and Repair

Cedar, alder, spruce. The Salish forests sustain us and house us. The forest is nurturing and healing. Without it, the delicate harmony of its inhabitants becomes unbalanced. An artist-centered advocacy and repair service that provides various artist-centred conflict resolution alternatives to seeking legal action.

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Wise Practices

Waterways have connected the peoples for centuries. Through waterways we have exchanged knowledge, traded, confronted each other and developed long standing relationships. Wise Practices aim to support artists and their employers to deepen humanity and compassion. Utilizing consultation, workshops and other exchanges to strengthen relationships.

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